Hannah Vincent dance

Professional work

"Moving Portraits"

       Moving portraits was inspired by hannah's love of photography and portraits. She has a keen interest in taking photos of people and has used the stacks of photos she has taken over the years to present a solo that is personal. The piece will be a solo performed by Hannah and integrated with video projection. The video projection reveals memories and moments of vulnerability  as Hannah interviews people at their homes. 



           Cymatics is the scientific study of visible sound typically demonstrated using a thin plate with a speaker underneath. Flour or water is spread on the plate and different geometrical shapes occur depending on the frequency. The music is inspired by the sounds of the universe which are manipulated and converted to sounds that can be heard as if on earth. The piece is inspired by the art hidden within nature.


Substance from things not acknowledged by the human senses. Sound from something seemingly silent and movement from something seemingly still. 


             Hannah's first work, The Black Lodge,  based on film maker David Lynch and his use of dreams within his films was first performed at Laban's  Bonnie Bird theatre in 2013. The piece was adapted and extended for Resolution! 2014 season and performed at The Place. The Black Lodge was also performed as part of Brighton Fringe festival. 


Inspired by David Lynch was four dancers interact through dreams and reality in The Black Lodge

"But in dreams I talk to you, close your eyes everything will be alright. Welcome to the Black Lodge"





"The piece sets up a heavy atmosphere of sinister uncertainty and it is choreographically well constructed. The four dancers perform with conviction and there are striking moments, such as Marc Dodi sat stock-still with his hands splayed in front of his face, like a woken sleepwalker wondering what on earth he’s just done"


Lyndsey Winship, 2014

"Hannah Katherine Vincent’s The Black Lodge was the standout piece of the evening. It proved to be the most emotionally arresting and visually consistent work.  Vincent's sophisticated restraint kept it from creeping too far from heartfelt dynamism. It was tightly staged, hypnotic, and technically savvy. Savina Casarin is an exceptional talent: I could easily have watched her dance The Black Lodge solo. A powerful soundtrack, synched perfectly with the dance's seismic rhythms and anxiously languid duets."



Lauren Fried, 2014

"The final work also featured relationships, but of the celestial type, performed to a score inspired by the throbbing sounds of the universe, created through the science of Cymatics. This fascinating concept was articulated by a well-organised female quartet"


Graham Watts, 2015