A Contemporary Dance artist and teacher, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher and Videographer I have many strings to my bow….


My career began with dance - my first love!  I trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance (2008) and I hold a post graduate diploma in Community Dance from Laban (2013).

I have worked with many companies in the last 10 years I believe in delivering high quality dance experiences and performances to many different people from all walks of life. Community work is integral to me.


 I have worked with and delivered community projects and classes for; The Royal Academy of Dance, Step into Dance, East London Dance, London Dramatic Academy University, South East Dance, Community Focus, Norte Dame University and Rambert. 

In the past I have performed work with choreographers such as Simon Birch, Hagit Yakira, Gary Lambert, Emmeline Cresswell, Andile Sotiya, Merville Jones, Villmore James, Willi Dorner, Jason Keenan-Smith and Candoco Dance Company.


Creating movement is a huge part of who I am. My choreography has been performed at The Place (London Contemporary Dance School), Laban, Brighton Fringe Festival, Footprint Dance Festival and Clarence Mews residency.  


My passion and drive in dance is connection; connection to people and to my true self. 



           This was a natural progression to study yoga.


I always taught yoga alongside teaching dance, but it wasn’t until I spent time travelling the world in 2016-2018 where I decided to study more in depth. I took my 200 hours yoga teacher training at the Abhinjna School of Yoga where my passion and knowledge for this ancient moving mediation really flourished.

I studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with Mahesh Chandra in Kerala and the beautiful thing about yoga is there is always more to discover, so I am looking forward to continually studying and teaching this beautiful mediation. 

I continued travelling and ended up in Melbourne where I lived and taught yoga and completed a video documentary short course in Melbourne at the RMIT University. 


In 2017 I moved back to India and worked as a freelance videographer, documenting two charity projects for a year, one of which was for a clothing social enterprise which I co-founded with my partner called WYNAD Clothing. Living in India was unbelievable and something that will stay with me forever. I spent a lot of time in Bangalore and Kerala but also travelled much of the country.

During my time in Kerala I also began learning the South Indian martial art; Kalaripayattu which has influenced my approach to yoga and dance. It is the oldest martial art in the world and practicing it makes me feel strong and powerful. 



           And lastly we come to videography, way back when I was studying at Northern there was a module on dance for screen, I absolutely love video and editing. Its like choreographing! Throughout my time I have always had video making as a hobby but since the videography project in India my professional skills have developed and my own style is becoming more defined. You can see examples of my work on my videography page. 


So that brings us to now, I currently live in London and working as a Freelance Dance artist, yoga teacher and videographer as well as running my business WYNAD Clothing